General Data Protection Regulation


The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now being enforced, organizations that are non-compliance are facing heavy fines, up to 4% of their annual turnover. The aim of the regulation is to protect EU citizens’ data and privacy. By doing so, it brings about major changes to the way organizations record, archive and process their data.

Meeting GDPR requirements is no easy task, at Anthony Rawlins we provide a full gap analysis and tailor-made solutions to ease the burden of compliance.

Our GDPR package starts out by identifying the risks your organisation will face under the new general data protection regulation. We identify those risks through a comprehensive practitioner led GAP Analysis.

The GAP Analysis allows our practitioners to produce a report outlining the various pitfalls and risks in your current structured documentation, organisational processes and technology.

Using the information our compliance team will provide recommendations to comply with the GDPR and help create and implement change to meet require regulation. This is advantageous for those seeking to protect their brand and minimise any financial impact from fines.
Key Benefits:

·        Provides an accurate snapshot of organisational readiness to comply with EU GDPR
·        Highlights current risks and necessary steps in executive-level terms
·        Provides a clear high-level plan and road-map for achieving full compliance
·        Identifies areas requiring immediate attention, and cost-effective remediation solutions
·        Delivers a detailed strategy for achieving GDPR compliance




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